How to choose a mobile phone?



How to choose a mobile phone?

The best way to buy a Mobile phone will be its immediate concentrate, for example, the closest shop offering cellular phones. It is here that you can outwardly survey the contender for procurement, and to investigate its fundamental capacities before buy. To this on the web you will discover numerous audits on various models of mobile phones.

Types of mobile phones

Let’s talk about the phone of the design and the materials of which are made machines. The design of phones can be divided into:

  1. classic candy bar;
  2. sliders of various types; “Clamshell”
  3. Smart Phones;

This basic design patterns that are prevalent in the market. But enough, and exclusive models in the form of a wristwatch, or all kinds of bracelets. However, usability is a big question. Classic piece are the most popular. Firstly, this is due to their simple and robust design, you will agree with identical conditions of use slider or “clamshell” will last much less, because the constant friction loops for opening and closing shortens their lifespan several times. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the right model in the form of the classical candy bar.Sliders and “clamshell” in some time were very common in business, it was considered a style icon. Then it was something new and interesting. Now these functions is no surprise, and such models was an order of magnitude less. Therefore, when choosing your phone designs rely on their own preferences and interests you, model, and it will be the right choice.

Material production

The material from which made mobile phones today can be completely different. On the mobile market, as a rule, plastic, or various metal alloys which make the devices more resistant if dropped or any impact.

But it is worth noting that when you select the device with a durable metal body, its mass increases significantly, and if a plastic housing, for example in your pocket, you do not even feel it, then with a metal have probably become accustomed.


Let Pohorje on modern, multimedia capabilities of modern phones. Now, these opportunities are developing day by day and various functions in addition to the phone calls themselves are becoming more and more.

To date, the phone may have a whole list of multimedia capabilities. This may be a high-quality photo and video camera, and built-in mp3-player, voice control and other features. Before buying a phone sure to check out all the features of the apparatus and defined with a set of multimedia features, since most of these characteristics and will depend on the value of your mobile phone.


Internal phone memory is one of the key criteria, because everything is already accustomed to using mobile phones as an mp3 and video player.

The phone memory can be both internal, the size of which is provided by the manufacturer, and complemented by a memory card. In mobile phones tend to use microSD memory cards, which are impressive memory may have with its compact dimensions. Therefore, taken seriously to the phone, you may need to store movies, music, photos, videos and other files.


 In addition to the memory key is the mobile phone battery. It depends on the time of your device from it. Batteries can be of different sizes.Phones with a large display and multimedia capabilities are used, as a rule, higher capacity battery, the user can as long as possible and without charge to use the phone. Battery, like any other element of the phone, has a certain service life, which may depend on various factors. With daily use of mobile phone battery is enough for about several years of full operation. As soon as you notice that the battery life on a single charge has decreased significantly, we recommend that you replace the battery with a new one. Here, we briefly talked about and the key criteria when choosing a mobile device. By following these simple and key tips and tricks you can make the right choice and true.

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